The book measures 18cm x 12cm with a brown & orange manilla cover
Stapled binding containing 12 pages on 130gm cartridge paper and fly-leaf
Produced in editions of 20, First Edition produced in 2000,
The book is altered for each new edition.

I am fascinated by secret societies, especially the bizarre rituals that the members indulge in, in order to be recognised by one of their colleagues but unnoticed by non-members. This book purports to be a manual for running your own secret society. There are sections on ‘secret handshakes’, ‘how to remain unnoticed’ and a loose card ‘courtesy hand-markings recognition chart’ as well as a free ‘computer enhanced match’ to destroy the book after it’s been memorised. The introduction explains how it is better to be the only member of your society in order to remain secret in this nonsensical book.

Each book contains a turquoise chart, small envelope with a secret password and ‘match’ to burn the book