About the Menthol Madness Packet

The packet measures 125mm x 235mm It contains a folding display box printed on green card in a clear packet. An information card is visible through the back of the pack. Menthol Madness is stapled shut with a folded glossy card label. The box can hold up to 20 cigarettes and 10 sticks of gum.

The Menthol Madness packet was a response to the effects of menthol cigarettes or chewing gum on the body. If Mint or Menthol is used to freshen breath and nullify soreness, I wondered what an overdose of Mint could do.

The box container is presented as a promotional item for Elysian's Cigarettes (my own fictional brand). The purpose of the box, when constructed, is to hold 20 cigarettes and 10 sticks of gum. The instructions on the box explain how to smoke and chew gum at the same time to achieve over-mentholisation, known as the Menthol Rush - Everybody is talking about.

Although Menthol Madness is an obvious exaggeration, in the U.K. in the early eighties the combination of flouride in the water supply plus flouride treatment at the dentists plus flouride toothpaste resulted in a few children noticing the enamel on their teeth had become bumpy. A reaction to too much flouride in their systems, likewise over-consumption of the Sunny Delight, an orange drink aimed at children, was suspected of causing the hue of the skin to become orangy. Roald Dahl's champion gum chewer, Violet suffers a similar fate in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory. The box is a functioning item although its intention is to use hyperbole to disuade the activity it was designed for.