About the Lemorette Counter Card

The Multiple comprises two parts;
a Counter Card that measures 250mm x 350mm (unfolded),
and packaging that measures 155mm x 255mm.

The Counter Card is backed with heavy weight board to enable it to free stand. When in its slip case it is folded in three sections vertically. The packaging in printed on heavyweight yellow card with a rubber stamp mark indicating the edition number and contents.
The Lemorette Counter Card was produced in a limited edition of 7.

This Multiple is intended to resemble a shop counter stand. The stand would be displayed in order to alert potential customers to a new brand Lemorette (my own fabrication).

I conceived the Lemorette brand to parody the constant overuse of medical and scientific reassurances found in cigarette advertisements of the period. It proposes a combination of tobacco and lemon cough drops - as if to pre-empt the smoker's impending sore throat.
Copy lines such as 'medically approved' and 'lemon soothes the throat while you enjoy the tobacco' are reassuring but nonspecific when examined critically.
The diagram that provides a comparison deliberately has no axis lines, references or sources, and is purely a visual gimmick to enhance the product.
The hole in the throat allows smoke to pass freely but is intended to hint at surgical solutions to serious smoking-related diseases.